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Needle Lancet

1.  Conventional Lancets

Product Range  ------------------------  21G ~ 33G


2.  Safety Lancet & Device

If a lancing device is used repeatedly, the inside of lancing device cap could be contaminated with bloodstain, dusts, etc. As the inside of lancing device cap is difficult structure to clean, it may cause a secondary infection owing to contamination.  And there are a lot of cases that patients (lancet users) pricked fingers or hands with the used needle lancets during changing the lancets.


Our safety lancets is made into assembly with both lancet needle and the protective cap.

It prevents the lancet needle injury, contamination of the lancing device and finally a secondardy infection.

Safety Lancets


-   Safe from lancet injuries

-   Compatible with most of lancing devices

How to use Safety Lancet with existing lancing device

1.  Change the cap of existing lancing device with our 'Adaptor-A' or 'Adaptor-B'.


-   Infopia

-   Allmedicus

-   SD Biosensor

-   I-Sens

-   Roche Accu-Chek

-   Others


2.  Insert the safety lancet to the adaptor.

3.  Remove the safety cap from safety lancet assembly by twisting the cap.

4.  Put the lancet on the specific skin for taking a blood sample.

5.  Throw away the used safety lancet in medical waste box.


   *  Safety lancet is a disposable product.