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About Us



G-Medcos was founded in 2008 in Korea. It started out from selling the ultrasound disposables in some Asian countries and has added some other medical imaging equipments, components and disposables which are high grade of quality to its main business items. 


Most of its current customers are in USA, part of Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia. 

The company has continued to make the business networks stable and to expand its sales to the whole of Europe and South America.


The company is striving to build the concrete business relationship with its distributors around the world through

supplying them with a reliable and fast service and a good quality of medical imaging equipments, components and

disposables, so that they are satisfied with the business with the company which ensures a stable business for a long time.


—G-Medcos International always welcomes any inquiries or recommendations from the customers.

It is ready to supply you with the high quality medical imaging products with reasonable costs. 




G-Medcos International







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