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Ultrasound Gel

SUPERSONIC Gel is lubricant and protects a kind of probes.

 -  It has excellent ultrasound conductivity for clear resolution.
 -  It has high viscosity, good ductility and no bubbles to have good contact with skin.
 -  It has no allergic reaction, skin irritation.
 -  It is water-soluble that does not stain and that is easy to clean.

 -  It is used in various fields such as obstetrics and gynecology, radiology department, and MRI room.
 -  It can be used as a body cream for physical therapy.

 -  5 Liter : 4 bottles/carton
 -  0.25 Liter : 12 bottles/box, 6 boxes/carton

     Storage method and validity period
 -  Close the cap at room temperature (10~25℃) and store in a place without no direct sunlight.
 -  2 years from date of manufacture


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