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Medical Imaging


3D Face Mask  [ Fashion Mask ]

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Protecting yourself from saliva droplets

                                                               [ Features ]

1.  Flexible to wear                                                                  3.  Washable & Reusable

2.  Comfortable to breathe                                                    4.  Anti-bacteria coated

3D face mask can protect yourself from saliva droplets which are known as major carrier of coronavirus.


3D face mask is anti-bacteria coated and flexible to wear / comfortable to breathe.


As it is a washable face mask, you can reuse it after washing it in the running water.
If people buy 2~3 masks, they can wear this face mask every day in turns.

For your information, our face mask is anti-bacteria coated.
When the pneumococcus and staphylococcus put on the surface of our face mask, they are killed 99.9% in an hour or so. (Test report is available on request.)

If you wash the face mask in running water, you can use it normally 10 times.

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