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Self Vision Tester

VAA-2000  (Initial Vision Checker)


VAA-2000 is a Self Vision Tester with which users can initially check their eye sight level by themselves without any examiner or helper.


Its vision test automatically starts with voice guides when users get close to the device and its voice guides help users at every stage during the test.


Users can check their eye sight level so easily because the test proceeds only with simple Landolt ring.

All that users do for the test is that users push the handle lever to the opened side of the circle (landolt ring).



  • Designed for users to operate it simply and easily

  • Fast check the eye sight level initially (within 30 sec)

  • All users from kids to old citizens can use it

  • Alarm rings if the test result is lower than the setting value

  • Test data automatically prints out after finishing test

  • Multi-lingual supported

  • Various test mode (monocular, binocular, short & long distance)

  • Available with 3 types scale:  Decimal(0.1), feet(200) and meter(60m) 

  • Measuring data can be sent out to external device by RS232 serial port


  • Wide range of application

        -  Health care center                  -  Clinic in remote area

        -  Long term care                        -  Organization

        -  School                                       -  Public places

        -  Military                                      -  Shopping mall

How to use the Self Vision Test

Operation Instructions in details



Turn on the power switch (to "I"), then user should follow the below instructions to proceed the test.


1) Place the face close to the forehead supporter.


2) Looking at the screen by Eyepiece, then move the handle lever to the opened direction of the circle shown inside. The light will appear on the screen according to the handle lever's direction.

If you're not sure which side opens, please push the red button.


Warning :  If user stays away from the device, the electrical voice "Put your head closer" will be heard. In this case, the test automatically finishes if a user doesn't get his/her head closer to forehead supporter within 2 seconds.


3) In next stage, another circle will appear on the screen. Do the same process same as previous stage.


4) When the test finish, the user can hear an electrical voice "Test is over".


 Then, stay away from the device and take up the printed test result.


 Warning :  As the printing quality on result paper get worse as time goes by, you're kindly recommended to take photo of it for keeping it long time.


 When the test result is lower than setting value, the below notice is printed on the result paper.

  "Warning :  Low vision is assumed"


 The test result data will automatically be exported to external device if VAA-2000 is connected to external device and data transmission mode is set.


1.  Approach your head and see the circle shown on the screen inside.

2.  Push the handle lever to the opened direction of the circle on screen inside.

3.  Press the red button if you are not sure of the opened side of a circle.

4.  When test finish, the test result automatically print out from thermal printer installed in the device.

Technical Specifications



Measurement Range

Opto Type

Power Supply

Power Consumption



A Type (Decimal)

B Type (Feet)

C Type (Meter)

Operated by

Printer Type

Selectable Distance

Control Panel







Operation Software


Self Vision Tester  (Initial Vision Checker)


Near :  30cm or 50cm    /    Far :   3m or 5m

Landolt Ring

Input :  AC100V~240V, 50/60Hz  /  Output :  DC12V/5A


9kg  (net: 7.7kg)

209(W) x 321(L) x 363(H) 

0.1/ 0.2/ 0.3/ 0.4/ 0.5/ 0.6/ 0.7/ 0.8/ 0.9/ 1.0/ 1.2/ 1.5/ 2.0

200/ 125/ 100/ 80/ 70/ 60/ 50/ 40/ 30/ 25/ 20/ 15/ 10

60/ 37.5/ 30/ 24/ 21/ 18/ 15/ 12/ 9/ 7.5/ 6/ 4.5/ 3

Joystick & Buttons

Thermal Printer

5m or 50cm  /  3m or 30cm

Volume :   Alarm,  Instruction voice

Option 1 :   Single - Monocular  /  Both - Monocular / Binocular

Quick Monocular

Option 2 :   Play,  Time,  Select,  Type

Paper Feed :   Paper-out

Interface Module :   RS232C

Power Switch,  Power Plug

WinCE 6.0,  Application

User Manual/  DC Power Adapter/  Power Code

Dust Cover/  Thermal Paper (2 rolls)

*  Above specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

*  User may choose one type of measurement range from (5m, 50cm) or (3m, 30cm).

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